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The Orne digital masterplan includes the progressive roll-out of very high-speed internet. Optical fibre, copper wire ADSL, Wireless Local Loop, Wimax and satellite are all being used to increase speeds across the area. These technologies will be implemented according to actual requirements, the existing infrastructures and geography

Phase 1: 2014 – 2020

The first phase of the Orne digital masterplan includes plans for fibre optic connections in 109 Orange intermediate distribution frames by 2017. These will enable speeds of over 2 Mbits/sec for around 30,000 residents who still do not have a high-speed connection. By 2020, 36% of households in Orne will be directly connected to the fibre optic network in the urban areas of Alençon, Argentan, Flers and L’Aigle. Orange is currently working on two programmes in Flers and the Alençon urban area. As for Orne Council, it will be investing in fibre optics for the towns of L’Aigle and Argentan,  for an estimated cost of 20 M€.

Aid for households in the run-up to the fibre optic network

Because they are located too far from telephone exchanges and intermediate distribution frames, some Orne residents will not have fibre optic access (i.e. very high-speed internet) by 2020. However, they can already get a quality high-speed connection over the airwaves (wireless local loop, satellite and WiMAX).

As part of the Orne digital masterplan, Orne Council has introduced a system of grants to help householders cover the cost of internet access in areas where the copper network is not compatible with ADSL.

This council aid partially covers the cost of fitting satellite, Wimax and wireless local loop technologies. It is limited to €150 or €450, depending on whether or not beneficiaries purchase the connection kit. This policy aims to give everyone access to satisfactory speeds using wireless solutions.

The replacement of equipment already subsidised by the Council, but which has since become obsolete (due to a change of satellite) is also eligible. Satellite dishes and other devices taken down can be recycled at waste collection centres.

Contact: Orne Council – Local digital development mission: 02 33 81 60 00 – extension 1767 and 1768.

Phase 2: post-2020

A shared, neutral collection network (departmental collection network) could be developed after 2020.

This network would make it possible to

  • provide very high-speed access to all 115 public sites and 80 business and industrial parks;
  • collect areas equipped with fibre-to-the-home;
  • interconnect Orne to surrounding public and private networks.

Other projects will be gradually added to this initiative after 2020, to reach a level of 75% of all households able to connect to the fibre optic network by 2030.

Alongside this scheme covering telecommunications infrastructures, digital services are already the focus of investment by Orne Council ,with dematerialisation and procedures available on, the creation of telecentres, and development of innovative digital services. These projects will be continued as part of the new masterplan.

Internet for private users

Before signing up to an operator, what do I need to do?

Before signing up for satellite or WIMAX services, you should make sure that there is no public project lined up for your town or village. Make enquiries with the town/village council (mairie).

How can I find out how long my line is?

Either online at, or by calling the Orne Digital Masterplan Taskforce.

I don’t know what bandwidth I need. Who can I contact to help me choose the right operator?

The operators can inform you about their services. It is up to you to compare their offers with your requirements and your budget. Orne Council cannot guide users towards any particular operator. They are there to help you find out which technology you are eligible for: ADSL, WiMAX, WLL or Satellite.

I know that there’s an optical fibre network not far from where I live. Can I connect to it?

The most commonly available network in Orne belongs to France Télécom. This private operator has undertaken to provide FTTH for people living in the Alençon urban community and in Flers. Where there are no private initiatives planned, the authorities have to invest to roll out solutions suited to the uses Orne residents make of the internet (optical fibre network or other technologies).

If my line is too long, how else can I get internet access?

If you’re not eligible for internet over the telephone network, there are some good wireless technologies available:

  • WIMAX: Orne has a network with speeds reaching 4 Mbit/sec. To find out whether you are eligible or not, phone 09 87 87 00 00 (operator: WIBOX).
  • The wireless local loop (WLL): in le Perche, where there is a local loop reaching speeds of 6 Mbit/sec, managed by the operator R’LAN. Call 02 43 82 97 82 to find out if you are eligible.
  • Satellite: this technology is, in theory, available across the region, and has theoretical speeds of up to 20 Mbit/sec.


Is there any financial aid to help me get equipped?

Yes. Orne Council helps with the equipment and installation costs, if you opt for WiMAX, WLL or satellite. See questions concerning Internet over radio waves.

Orne is an innovative council. Why doesn’t it bring in fibre optics for everyone?

Because it would cost €287 million! As a comparison, the Council’s total budget comes to €384 million a year, for its various functions such as paying RSA benefits to 7,800 households, paying out aid to senior citizens, building and maintaining roads, bridges, school transport, managing secondary schools, etc.

What is the best internet connection available today?

FTTH: Fiber To The Home.   Fibre optics give the fastest speeds, regardless of distance and data volume.

However, its roll-out means heavy investment from operators and local authorities, especially in rural areas. We just have to be patient!

When will I get fibre optics?

Let’s turn the question around: what speed do I now need? Orne Council’s digital masterplan taskforce is on hand to provide a detailed answer. A range of technologies are on offer in Orne, one of which will probably suit you.

Why am I not eligible for high-speed internet (over the telephone network)? I can’t even get a box and a triple play offer!

Your telephone line must not exceed 2.5km long. Otherwise it won’t be able to carry these services from the exchange up to your home. France Télécom and Orne Council are working on the shortening of telephone lines to increase data transmission speeds and thus open up access to the services offered by operators.