Open Data

Orne has a rich history and a wealth of public data gathered over the years. However, this heritage is not particularly well-known. An open data project has been launched, within the framework of a key challenge – regional digital development.

A number of factors have come together to make this approach possible today:

  • ISO standards for metadata structures;
  • the implementation of the European INSPIRE directive across France;
  • rationalised costs thanks to pooling and sharing;
  • the implementation of very high-speed internet in Orne.

L'organisation de l'Open Data dans l'Orne

The “Open Orne” network of public partners

A downloading solution has been commissioned to distribute data defined as open and releasable. Geographical data will soon be consultable on the web-based map library (with DYNMAP GIS on the web).

“Open Orne” has been identified nationally as the only network of public partners ready for open data.

Le réseau Open Data dans l'Orne