E-health: high-speed for good health

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P28-3The arrival of very high-speed internet in Orne will encourage new uses, especially in the health sector.

In Flers, the radiologists at the SA Scanner-IRM du Bocage centre (in Saint-Dominique clinic) use a 100 Mbit/sec connection on a daily basis, to share data and weighty medical files with other specialists in the region.

Telemedicine helps staff improve patient care.

Consultations via streaming

For staff at the Scanner-IRM du Bocage centre, the arrival of very high-speed internet would enable practitioners on call at the weekend to offer consultations via streaming from their home, for uses such as comparing examination results, monitoring treatment, interventional radiology with the scanner, giving expert opinion in a medical emergency, and so on.

Adding to the area’s appeal

In Flers, radiologists are also thinking about setting up a shared server where results would be made available to private practitioners. In their view, very high-speed internet is key and will encourage new practitioners to set up in the town.

The Orne Digital Masterplan

To speed up the roll-out of very high-speed internet and the related services, Orne Council introduced the Orne Digital Masterplan in 2013 (the updated version of the previous Orne digital development masterplan). The goal is to reduce the digital divide, boost the area’s appeal and develop new online practices for Orne residents.