@h Social 2.0

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To raise young people’s awareness about the dangers of the internet and social networks, the BIJ (youth information office which has an EPN (public digital centre) label) created the @h Social board game This is a team game, reproducing a social network environment (profile management, status updates, comments, etc.) but without the screens, so you can see your contact’s reaction immediately whenever you publish something online. Throughout the game, the themes of internet legislation (image rights), interpersonal relationships, risks and good conduct are dealt with in a fun, entertaining way.

After two years taking this game around secondary schools and colleges, the BIJ launched a new version of the game in 2013. @h Social  2.0: an online animation including the use of smartphones, tablets and a videoprojector to look through and configure the profiles of fictional characters on the social networks.

The @h Social 2.0 game comprises a board, with 60 comment cards and 40 Q&A cards. The aim of the game is to manage your Facebook profile to become the most popular person of all, while being as careful as possible.

In addition to the board game, an qualified multimedia coordinator from the BIJ launches the animation as a fun way of illustrating the issues arising from social network use (account settings) and to open a debate about good practices, using publication cards to recreate a Facebook fan page with comments, photos and videos.

At the end of the session, each young participant goes away with two checklists published by the BIJ, covering account settings on one list and rights on the other, so that they can go home and configure their account, putting into practice what they’ve learnt.

Nearly 1,700 young Orne residents attended a social network awareness-raising session organised by the BIJ in 2012. Orne Council supports this preventive and support scheme, as part of the Orne digital masterplan. In September, every secondary school in Orne will get a copy of the game.