The Echangeur Basse-Normandie

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The Echangeur Basse-Normandie is a training and resource centre specialised in Information and Communication technologies (ITC), founded in 2001. It was based in the Halle au blé for ten years, but has recently relocated to starTech61‘s premises (at the Hôtel du Département council office) in Alençon.

The Echangeur Basse-Normandie is expert in dematerialisation (electronic signatures, e-administration, EDM, electronic invoicing, archiving, e-procedures and so on) and e-health. It gives companies, local authorities, institutions and freelancers the opportunity to learn more about ITCs, keep up with (or anticipate) trends and identify the impact on their activities.

Its training courses all focus on usage and cover themes such as high-speed internet, mobility, security, e-commerce, internet or new uses for the internet.

Its 8 technological platforms are all built around an internet-related theme. The “platform” is a physical space comprising a number of workstations connected to the internet, an information board and a range of software and hardware.

The Echangeur also helps users find out more about a particular technological environment, thanks to its showroom (showcase of recent or emerging hardware and software) and the various events its organises (presentations of internet technology applications (products and services).

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