Inauguration of the Perche Rémalardais telecentre

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The Perche Rémalardais telecentre was officially opened on Saturday 22 June in the presence of various dignitaries and the partners of this new remote working space.

Located in the centre of Bretoncelles, next door to the Espace Public Numérique (public digital centre), the telecentre has open office space which can host around fifteen remote workers, a meeting room with video conferencing facilities and a high-speed internet connection. It has been awarded the Nom@des100 label by Orne Council.

A Nom@des100 telecentre for a different way of working, together

This new work space is dedicated to freelance and salaried professionals. It is a place where remote workers can come and share ideas and experiences, get inspired and create together. The telecentre is open 24 hours a day and has received backing from Orne Council (€40,000); the French state under the Rural Excellence scheme (€53,000) and the municipality, the project owner (€54,000), for a total investment of €147,000.

With the Nom@des100 operation it launched in 2010, Orne Council’s aim is to develop rural telecentres and increase opportunities for remote working in Orne. These new structures are designed to do away with distances and boost the area’s appeal by providing professionals with excellent working conditions. For Alain Lambert, President of Orne Council, “These telecentres are a magnet for project developers and businesses. They are one more reason to believe in Orne and its successful future.”