You are a local authority

The Orne digital masterplan includes progress roll-out of very high-speed internet. Optical fibre, copper wire ADSL, Wireless Local Loop, Wimax and satellite are all being used to increase speeds across the area. These technologies will be implemented according to actual requirements, the existing infrastructures and geography.

Phase 1: 2014 – 2020

The first phase of the Orne digital masterplan covers the connection of 155 public sites (hospitals, business and industrial parks, media libraries, telecentres, etc.) to very high-speed internet by 2020.

75 of them already benefit from this type of service. The 40 remaining sites should be connected by 2020.

Aid for local authorities in the run-up to the fibre optic network

Because they are located too far from telephone exchanges and intermediate distribution frames, some public sites (which are the responsibility of the local authorities) will not have fibre optic access (i.e. very high-speed internet) by 2020. However, these authorities can already get a quality high-speed connection over the airwaves (wireless local loop, satellite and WIMAX).

As part of the Orne digital masterplan, Orne Council has introduced a system of grants for local authorities, covering a share of the cost of installing internet equipment in areas where the copper network is not compatible with ADSL. It is limited to €150 or €450, depending on whether or not beneficiaries (local authorities) purchase the connection kit. This policy aims to give everyone access to satisfactory speeds using wireless solutions. The replacement of equipment already subsidised by the Council, but which has since become obsolete (due to a change of satellite) is also eligible. Satellite dishes and other devices taken down can be recycled at waste collection centres.

Phase 2: after 2020

A shared, neutral collection network (departmental collection network) could be developed after 2020.

This network would make it possible to

  • provide very high-speed access to all 115 public sites and 80 business and industrial parks;
  • collect areas equipped with fibre-to-the-home;
  • interconnect Orne to surrounding public and private networks.

Other projects will be gradually added to this initiative after 2020, to reach a level of 75% of all households able to connect to the fibre optic network by 2030.

Alongside this scheme covering telecommunications infrastructures, digital services are already the focus of investment by Orne Council, with dematerialisation and procedures available on, the creation of telecentres, and development of innovative digital services. These projects will be continued as part of the new masterplan.

Contact: Orne Council – Local digital development mission: 02 33 81 60 00 – extension 1767 and 1768.