You are a digital advisor

The Orne digital masterplan includes the progressive roll-out of very high-speed internet. Optical fibre, copper wire ADSL, Wireless Local Loop, Wimax and satellite are all being used to increase speeds across the area. These technologies will be implemented according to actual requirements, the existing infrastructures and geography.

To keep Orne residents informed about the Orne digital masterplan, in 2011 Orne Council set up a network of digital advisors working across the area and responsible for explaining, informing and rallying local stakeholders with regard to digital issues. These advisors are available in 33 community structures and 8 large towns in Orne.

The team is comprised of 31 elected representatives and 10 administrative staff. They are extremely valuable when it comes to providing feedback and passing on requests from communities, companies and individuals.

Contact: Orne Council – Local digital development mission: 02 33 81 60 00 – extension 1767 and 1768.