The Youth Information Office (BIJ)


The Orne JBUS has been awarded the RPN (public digital centre) label. With its multimedia coordinator onboard, it travels across Orne delivering training on multimedia and internet use. The JBUS is open to novices as well as more experienced users and can offer project developers (individuals or associations) free computer training workshops (internet, photogrpahy, video, blogs, e-declarations, etc.) The JBUS also oversees distance training courses.

Free and pratical information

The Orne Youth Information Office (known as the BIJ) is also an informative network. It is located in Alençon. It is open to everyone and provides information on all aspects of daily life: education, vocational training, jobs, professions, housing, leisure, foreign travel, and so on. The information is practical, up-to-date and free-of-charge. The Youth Information network covers the whole area thanks to its Youth Information Points in Flers, Gacé and La Ferté-Macé.

→ See a map of Youth Information points (click on the filter ‘Antennes jeunes’)

→ The Youth Information Centre website